help protect the children in your community by licensing the ROAR program. 

Why License?

Child abuse is an epidemic. We teach our kids about fire safety and how to look both ways when crossing the street, but what about protecting their bodies? Considering that 90% of the time, children are abused by someone they know, love, and trust, this conversation must extend beyond talking to children about “stranger danger.”

ROAR is The CARE Center’s child-based education program that teaches children ages 4-8 how to protect themselves from abuse. A cartoon lion named Rex and his animal friends take children on a journey to find Rex’s ROAR, a simple yet memorable acronym that teaches children that their bodies are their own and empowers children to stand up against abuse. The interactive and easy to implement lesson is designed to be taught in a classroom or group setting. Take home materials help reinforce learning and continue the conversation at home. Simply put, ROAR works. Children love the program and adults love the simplicity and effectiveness.





History & Statistics

ROAR was created by Stacy McNeiland, CEO of The CARE Center in Oklahoma City after discovering a lack of child-friendly, research-based child abuse prevention programs available in the United States. McNeiland and The CARE Center staff knew they could develop an effective program that would be accepted, understood, and welcomed into homes, classrooms, and organizations. After extensive research, development, and concept testing, ROAR officially launched in April 2016. ROAR has received endorsements from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma City Commission on Youth, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Edmond Public Schools and more.

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Details on Licensing

The CARE Center’s child-based education program, ROAR, is available for license by companies, agencies, schools, and organizations and provides high-value content to educate children on personal body safety and empower them to speak up against abuse. The licensed curriculum package includes a program guide, co-branded electronic course materials for print, and established outcome measurement tools. Course materials include a giant Rex with accessories, ROAR Teacher Guides, ROAR Parent Guides, ROAR posters, ROAR coloring sheets, ROAR badges, and more!

The CARE Center makes it simple for your organization to license and implement the ROAR program. Training takes one hour and can be conducted via teleconference or through our online module. The cost for the program is $3,000 for three years. Our goal is to help you educate children, so we are flexible with payments while offering plans with the ability to discuss modifications. Just ask! We are here to help.