This book is the perfect tool for parents and caregivers to read with their children and begin a conversation about how to be safe in some tough situations.

Through the eyes of a cool lion named Rex, your child will learn the Rules of ROARing:

R, Remember, privates are private

O, it’s okay to say no

A, Always talk about secrets

R, Raise your voice and tell someone

Children learn body safety and empowerment through the easy to remember acronym. The child abuse and neglect experts at The CARE Center developed the ROAR program and recommend it for children as young as three. Keep the children in your life safe from abuse by purchasing Rex Finds His ROAR today!

When you buy Rex Finds His ROAR from The CARE Center, you are donating to our child abuse prevention programs as we are working to end the child abuse epidemic. In Oklahoma County , 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are abused. Make sure you’re only buying from The CARE Center to show your support!

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