PRIDE Skills

Improve attachment, behavior, and communications between parents and children, ages 2-8.

Article by CALM

Suicide Prevention

As children grow into pre-teens and teenagers, it becomes more challenging for parents to know what they are thinking and feeling. When do the normal ups and downs of adolescence become something to worry about? Here are 12 things parents can do to prevent suicide. 

Article by Healthy Children

Self Care for Parents

A Guide to Self-Care for Parents: Why Making Time for Yourself Matters.

Article by Waterford

Helping at Home: Tips for Parents

Mental Health America’s suggestion for supporting mental health in the home. 

Article by Mental Health America

Self Care for Single Parents

Self care is critical when it comes to solo parenting. Here are 17 self care tips to help ease the stress & improve your mental health.

Article by Today’s Parent

More from the CARE Center

Technology Safety Plan

This technology safety plan has been provided by the National Network to End Domestic Violence in the hope that it will increase technology safety for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

This blog post serves as a resource for LGBTQIA+ youth and parents. In this blog post you’ll find terminology and definitions as well as local (Oklahoma City) and national resources.

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2020 Annual Report

Check out our 2020 Annual Report! The Annual Report includes more information about the number of families we served and educated in 2020. Learn more!

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