• The World Can Be a Scary Place

    Child abuse affects more families and children than any childhood disease, including the most common ADHD diagnosis. In Oklahoma, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are affected. The lives, hopes and dreams changed by abuse are difficult to count. Cases of child abuse are on the rise while public funding is down.

  • Getting Help Can be Just as Scary

    The system was designed to put away the bad guys, but can be rough for those who've been hurt. When children speak out, they go through a maze of agencies where they're interviewed multiple times by strangers. What's intended to help, often causes further trauma and can result in children shutting down at the most crucial moment: the courtroom.

  • We Believe There's a Better Way

    Founded in 1991, The CARE Center is a nonprofit organization that eliminates the need for multiple interviews. We conduct a single interview in a child-friendly environment. Through our services, we provide support to children and families to help them get past the bad stuff and back to the good.

My past doesn't have to be my secret identity.

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