After children tell their BRAVE stories at The CARE Center, the journey to healing can truly begin. Experience the resilient stories of just a few of our inspiring children below.

Cylas' Story

Meet Cylas, age 8. After a New Year’s Eve party, Cylas disclosed to his parents that he was abused by a family friend. Once he told his story, Cylas and his family began the healing process together. This is Cylas’ story…

Alexis' Story

Meet Alexis, age 7. When Alexis visited The CARE Center, she had difficulty finding her voice and wasn’t able to verbalize what had happened to her. After visiting CARE, Alexis received the tools she needed to truly heal. This is Alexis’ story…

Haley's Story

Meet Haley, age 15. When Haley was younger, she was abused by a family member she trusted. Years later, she decided to publicly share her story with her school, friends, and family. This is Haley’s story….

Abigail's Story

Meet Abigail, age 8. Abigail was asked to keep a secret, but she knew that she needed to tell her parents. When Abigail was ready to tell them, she found her voice and was able to move forward in her healing process. This is Abigail’s story…

Faith's Story

Meet Faith, age 20. When Faith was 15, she was taken advantage of and assaulted by a 20-year old man. Faith stayed strong and found her voice after disclosing her abuse. This is Faith’s story…

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