Safety Tips For You & Your Child

Back to School Safety Tips for You and Your Child

As schools start back in session, help your child have a safe and happy school year by considering these tips:

1. Try to make sure you or another trusted adult walks your child to school or to the bus stop.

2. Ensure your child knows important contact information:
• His/her full name
• Full names of parents/caregivers
• Phone number(s) of a parent/caregiver
• Who to call or where to go in case of an emergency

If your child can’t remember this information, write it down, and put it in a place your child can always find.

3. Make sure your child understands never to leave school grounds unless he/she is with a parent, caregiver, or trusted adult.

4. Tour the school with your child, and show him/her where to walk when the school day is finished (a meeting place in the school, an after school program, etc).

5. Make a plan with your child in case you are late for pick up, and explain who are safe adults (like an aunt or family friend) who might pick up your child instead. Share the names of these adults with the school.

6. Teach your child to never go anywhere with or take anything from an adult your child doesn’t know well.

7. Talk to your child about safe and unsafe touching and his/ her private body parts.
• Explain that no one should touch your child’s private body parts other than to keep him/her clean and healthy.
• Teach and practice with your child that it is okay to say “NO!” to unwanted touch and if this does happen, to tell you immediately.

8. Let your child know that he/she should tell an adult at school when another child is teasing your child or making him/her feel uncomfortable.

9. Play the “What If…” Game with your child to practice safety. Remember to talk on your child’s level and not to scare them.

Adapted from talklineforparents.com

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