Bravery has a name. Courage has a voice.

This year, during our 2015 “A Night with the Stars” gala, we celebrated the rebrand of our organization and a renewed commitment to our mission.

There’s always been a challenge in how we as community discuss the problem of child abuse. When hearts and futures are on the line, it takes strength and courage to face this unique challenge. The statistics here in our home state of Oklahoma are not good: 1 in 3 girls are abused. 1 in 5 boys are also abused. Child abuse is a very real problem. While these numbers are staggering, we recognize that The CARE Center as an organization has a difficult, but essential mission.

We must educate our community about the problem of child abuse. We need to get out into the world and raise awareness in our schools, communities, churches and the halls of our state and local governments. We need to empower our people with the knowledge needed to prevent abuse before it begins. To know the warning signs and what to look for. To report and disclose abuse when we know it’s happening. To take these actions we need to be brave and we need to have courage.

Our new logo, the face of a lion, symbolizes the qualities of bravery and courage. Both attributes are central to our new brand. It’s a reminder to children, and to all of us, that deep down we have what it takes to confront our challenges and overcome them. The past doesn’t have to be a secret identity. Hearts can be healed and futures restored. Our strengthened brand is the latest chapter in the story that began in 1991 when the CARE Center was founded.

As we move forward, the lion will serve as inspiration for children, a reminder to ourselves and a motivator for our community.

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