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Tools and resources for you in a time of need and to talk to your children.

Recognizing & Reporting Abuse

Child abuse is an act that endangers or impairs a child’s physical, mental or emotional health and development. Child abuse may be in many forms. Learn key signs and symptoms of abuse and how to report abuse. Contact Teighynne to schedule a training for your staff.

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What Happens When I Report?

Reporting abuse may be scary or intimidating. Remember, you only have to suspect abuse when you make a report, and you may be the only person a child can count.

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Keeping Your Children Safe

Did you know that most child victims suffer abuse at the hands of someone they and you know and trust? The first step to preventing abuse against our children is awareness and education.

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For Survivors

Sometimes we encounter people who realize that they have their own childhood abuse issues that need to be worked through. Know that hope and healing can occur at any time of your life and that there are resources to support your recovery process.

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