Faces of Bravery

We empower children to use their voice and be brave.

Brave Stories

When children visit The CARE Center, they have experienced the heartbreaking act of child abuse. Through our services, children are empowered to find their voice, tell their story, and begin their healing journey. 

The following are true stories about the incredibly resilient children we serve at The CARE Center. Only the names and pictures are changed. 


Five-year-old Ashleyn found her ROAR and the courage to come forward.

After learning about ROAR in her kindergarten classroom and reading Rex Finds His Roar with her mother, Ashleyn felt empowered to speak up about the bad things that were happening to her. Her mother’s boyfriend had been inappropriately touching her. Upon finding out, her mother called 911, and three days later Ashleyn was at The CARE Center receiving a medical exam and on-site counseling. 

Because of Ashleyn’s courage and ability to disclose crucial descriptive information about the boyfriend, such as markings and covered tattoos, law enforcement intervened immediately and made an arrest. Ashleyn’s impact reached even further, as the boyfriend was also part of an 80+ member gang bust through Oklahoma City Police Department.


A 12-year-old-girl’s astonishing resolve to recover, after experiencing multiple types of abuse by her grandmother and grandmother’s boyfriend, has her on the path to a better future.

Sometimes our children are victims of multiple types of abuse at once. Due to severe sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, the young girl had a challenging time initially discussing details in her interview. Her incredible perseverance, support from her mother and trust in The CARE Center encouraged her to open up about the repeated offenses, making it possible for her to receive the help she needed. 

Finding her voice amid the trauma, along with education and counseling, has helped her reach a new level of peace and well-being. 


Five-year-old Noah’s resilience and strength to speak up after witnessing a family homicide led to newfound hope and security.

Noah was brought to The CARE Center for a forensic interview and family advocacy services following the stabbing of his father by his mother. His fearless and detailed account played a pivotal role in the Del City Police Department uncovering additional evidence at the scene of the crime. 

Because of his bravery after being exposed to unthinkable violence, he has a safe home with his loving grandfather and receives essential counseling. He is now beginning a new journey – one of recovery.


Hope, a six-year-old girl who suffered from shocking physical abuse at the hands of her father, is now safe and beginning to heal.

Because of her bravery in seeking help and confiding in a school staff member, The CARE Center and local law enforcement were able to step in after months of abuse. Upon arriving at CARE, young Hope was terrified, barely able to speak throughout her interview. 

Hope’s strength and ability to share her story made it possible for law enforcement to respond immediately to the crime scene and gather physical evidence, ultimately leading to the arrest of the suspect. Counseling and school therapy provided by The CARE Center are currently aiding Hope in her recovery.