We're dedicated and child-centered in everything we do.

At the CARE Center, children and their families will find a team of compassionate, sensitive professionals who come together to meet the needs of children who have been abused. It is a team of real people who give their lives to serve those needing protection and help. A special understanding exists between these people – a bond that strengthens all those involved and increases the help they offer.

Our team is made up of law enforcement investigators, child protective service workers, assistant district attorneys, medical and family advocacy personnel and volunteers. We work together on the investigation, treatment, management and prosecution of child abuse cases, ensuring the best possible outcome, while creating a caring, supportive and safe environment for children and their families.


Staff & Team

Advisory Board

  • David Prater

    District Attorney, Oklahoma County

  • William Citty

    Chief, Oklahoma City Police Department

  • Calvin Kelley

    Deputy Director, Department of Human Services

  • Sarah Rahhal

    Chief Operating Officer, NorthCare

  • Dr. Ryan Brown

    Board Certified Child Abuse Pediatrician, OU Children's

Board of Directors

  • Scott Stemmons, President

  • Aaron Curry, Vice President

  • Susan Damron, Secretary

  • Derek Briggs, Treasurer

  • Gina Buendia, Board Development Chair

  • Teresa Williams

  • Allyson L. Carson

  • Julia Jernigan

  • Andy Means

  • Jonice Mezeire

  • Becky Roten

  • Adam Brooks

  • Denise Wenzel

  • Melissa Marshall

  • Heather Griswold

  • Denise Cramer